Personal Training

We are a team of mobile personal trainers based in Walthamstow, Leyton Leytonstone, Wanstead, Chingford and Swanage Dorset.  Training clients either in their homes/ gardens, in one of our lovely East London parks or via online sessions. Nicki is in the process of setting up her own studio for sessions from her home.

Whether you have a specific goal in mind or are just looking to get fit and strong and need some motivation to set you in the right direction, we can help you. With each new session you'll develop and progress and work towards the personal goals that we set together. As well as your training sessions we can offer nutritional advice to help you maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle that works alongside your regular training.

121 personal training

121 personal training

We will start with a personal consultation which includes discussing your lifestyle, exercise history, injuries, goal setting and habit setting. This is where we'll find out about you and your training expectations.

The session will include movement analysis, postural assessment and fit testing so we can get a good idea of your body's current condition and fitness level. 


We'll then plan out your initial training plan which will be worked around strength based training, mobility and functional range conditioning. 

This will be fully personalised to your own goal and needs and will be reviewed and updated regularly so you are always getting the maximum benefit from your training. 


Pre and Post Natal

Keeping fit and active during pregnancy has been proven to benefit both mother and baby. Whether you have always been fit and active and want some help and guidance during your pregnancy or are new to exercising and want to keep your body healthy during this special time. We can work together in a safe and secure way to help you during and after your pregnancy.

It is also just as important to keep exercising once the baby is born, this will help to improve your general wellbeing, help restore energy levels and support you in rebuilding & restoring your strength and fitness.

For more detail on pre and post natal training and massage see my dedicated pre and post natal page here.

Pre and post natal training
2 to 1 personal training session

2 to 1 Personal Training

Perhaps you already enjoy training with a friend or your partner but are looking for that extra motivation or guidance to help you meet your goals. 

We can offer 2 to 1 personal training sessions so you get the benefit of working with a personal trainer but at a more affordable cost and the added motivation of working out as a team.

To get the most out of 2 to 1 personal training we ask that you partner up with someone with similar goals to you so perhaps you and a friend want to start post natal training together or you and your partner want some support getting more movement into your regular routines. 

We can tailor the sessions to your specific fitness levels so you both get the most out of your training and we'll regularly assess and change your plan as you both progress. 

If this sounds like something that would work for you get in touch to discuss. 


Online Training

Following the changes that 2020 brought we've adapted the way we work so that we can continue to support your training needs even if we can't have face to face sessions. 

Nicki B fitness now offers a full online training package so you can train with us wherever you are. Perhaps you've moved away and we’ve previously trained together, you're travelling away from home or a remote set up works better for you or is a safer option. 

Online personal training


NickiB fitness now offers a fully bespoke workout programming service where we’ll work together on your goals, requirements and work around your availability and lifestyle.


This means you can train in your own time but to a fully tailored workout program which will be reviewed when we check in during our monthly one to one PT session.


Online packages

If you're not able to commit to regular 121 personal training sessions but still need the motivation of working with a personal trainer to train regularly and meet your fitness goals then we can offer a range of online training packages to suit your personal circumstances and budget. 

We offer specific pre and post natal online training packages and a range of options from lite to deluxe depending on how often you want to train, all including a monthly check in session and fully personalised work out plans for you to do when it best suits you. 

Check out our range of online program packages here.