Personal Training

Before your first session, your trainer will undertake an initial health and wellness consultation to gauge your current state of health and fitness. At your first session we'll take your measurements and carry out a fitness test and postural analysis which we'll then repeat every 10 sessions so you can track your progress and set your personal fitness goals.

121 personal training

We are a team of mobile personal trainers based in East London travelling to train clients either in their homes/ gardens, in one of our lovely parks or via online sessions. 

Whether you have a specific goal in mind or are just looking to get fit and strong and need some motivation to set you in the right direction. Each session is varied and diverse and designed to help you reach and achieve your personal goals that we set together. As well as your training sessions we can offer nutritional advice to help you maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle that works alongside your regular training.


Pre and Post Natal

Keeping fit and active during pregnancy has been proven to benefit both mother and baby. Whether you have always been fit and active and want some help and guidance during your pregnancy or are new to exercising and want to keep your body healthy during this special time then I can work with in a safe and secure way to help you during and after your pregnancy.

It is also just as important to keep exercising once the baby is born, this will help to assist with weight loss, general wellbeing, help restore energy levels and support you in rebuilding & restoring your fitness.

For more detail on pre and post natal training and massage see my dedicated page here.


Kettlebells are a functional piece of equipment and great fun to swing around and to train with. An excellent addition to any workout to help improve cardiovascular, strength and functional fitness.



Boxing is such a good way of getting fit and getting a lean toned body. It's all about skill, speed, coordination and agility. Boxing is not all about being aggressive and being in a ring, its about discipline and training. It's also a lot of fun and a great way to exercise.



Developed by a former navy seal to be used when space and equipment is limited. The TRX helps with flexibility, balance and core stability all in one move. The TRX Facilitates an enormous range of body weight movements for the whole body. Whether you are a beginner or advance client this piece of equipment is for everyone. Fun and functional!


Group Fitness

Do you want to improve your fitness, get toned up whilst having some fun with your mates. I can offer bespoke group packages to suit your needs.

Please contact me for more info.



SandBells are a simple yet powerful training tool. Working your body, challenging your muscles and increasing your stamina.


Postural Analysis

Performing postural evaluation on my clients ensures that their body is working correctly and that any imbalances can be corrected during your sessions.


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