Nicki B Fitness in Swanage

Since early 2021 Nicki B Fitness has set up personal training and massage services in Swanage, Dorset. Dorset is Nicki's original home and she's always dreamed of being back living by the sea.  After adapting the business in 2020 in order to be able to offer personal training sessions online, remotely and also through growing a brilliant team in the East London area, Nicki has been able to realise her dream of living back by the sea whilst still being able to offer clients great personal training services. 

Nicki will be offering face to face personal training and massage services in and around the Swanage area and online sessions for London clients and will be regularly travelling back to London for team and client check ins and monthly massage appointments. The Nicki B Fitness team will be continue to look after their London clients and take on new client enquiries. 


Personal training in Swanage

Nicki offers a mobile personal training service in Swanage, travelling to you to train in your garden, local park or outdoor location that suits you.  

Nicki B Fitness specialises in pre and post natal fitness. strength training, injury rehab, post natal rehab, running and cycling training. You can review our full list of personal training services here.  

Get in touch for your free personal consultation where we'll discuss your lifestyle, exercise history, injuries, goal and habit setting and chat through your training expectations. The session will include movement analysis, postural assessment and fit testing so I can get a good feel for your current strength, fitness and mobility and develop your personalised training plan to your goals and needs. 

Ongoing sessions will include strength based training, mobility and functional range conditioning and your programming will progress with your success.

Massage in Swanage

Nicki is offering massages from her treatment room at her home in Swanage. The views from the treatment room are spectacular.


Whether you just want some rest and relaxation or have an injury or something specific you need treating then your massage is tailored to you and your needs.

Your body is assed by looking at your movement patterns and then treated accordingly. Leaving you moving and feeling better.


She also offers pregnancy (after 1st trimester) and postpartum massage.  

This can be a very busy period for Mums and its important that they take the time to look after their bodies. The treatment is all about relaxation and easing any aches and pains and postural imbalances that may occur. 

Also offering cesarian scar work to help normalise the scar tissue and bring back sensations around the scar. She will also teach you how to work on the scar tissue to help with the healing process.


Nicki also works at Cadbury Physio therapy in Parkstone on Fridays afternoons


Please get in touch with any questions or to book an appointment