"Nicki has completely transformed my attitude towards exercise and fitness in general. In the past I lacked all motivation and ambition but her enthusiasm and commitment to helping me and reach my individual needs and goals has been outstanding - I now even enjoy our weekly sessions - except when she gets me doing burpees! I initially sought Nicki out to help me get in shape for my wedding but even now that has passed I'm continuing training with her. For a former couch potato that says something"

Hannah Bort

"Nicki’s approach to training has been refreshing and ever evolving. I love the personality and fun that she brings to my sessions and I am more than delighted to say that I have more achieved my goals. I am very pleased to announce that I recently went shopping for new suits, shirts and trousers. I highly recommend Nicki. Why I never went to see her before, I’ll never know. Thanks Nicki. My fiancee loves you!"


"I can’t recommend Nicki B highly enough as a personal trainer. Nic is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. Workouts with her are tough but fun and she excels at tailoring them to your needs. I might not always look forward to our work outs, but I can guarantee once completed I feel amazing."


"I’ve trained with Nicki for years and have had regular massages with Nicki since she qualified. I’ve found this a great compliment to our personal training sessions as she knows my body well and is able to really work through and fix any pains or niggles. 

Through both my pregnancies I really enjoyed both the relaxation and help with any pregnancy aches and pains her prenatal message offered and post baby it was always a treat to take a bit of time out and help ease achy shoulders, neck and back from all the extra strain from feeding/ lifting and looking after babies. Both my children were born via cesearian and Nicki has done regular work on my scar to help with healing and ease any tension around scar and rest of body from this. "

Hannah Shanks

"I have been training with Gemma for 2 months now and I feel stronger than ever.

Each week I learn new techniques, as well as repeating core exercises that focus on my specific needs. 

I absolutely love my sessions and Gemma is a brilliant PT. I have toned up, lost weight, and built up strength! 

I'm lifting heavier weights, running for longer, and I really enjoy working on the exercises in the week ahead of the session. 

It feels great to start seeing results!

I thoroughly recommend working with Nicki and Gemma."



"Helena has been great at encouraging us to get moving and active! We really like that Helena adapts our work outs to take account of our respective strengths and abilities- so we both remain challenged and motivated- and making the 2-1 training sessions work very well. Helena has lots of energy, keeps the sessions varied and we can both see and feel the positive benefits of our sessions."


"Nikki was my PT throughout my pregnancy and for 6 months post. She’s an amazing PT and helped me go at the right pace for my body. I feel fitter now than I did before I became pregnant."


"Nicki really helped me rebuild my body after I had my first baby via C-section. She was motivating and kept me sane through post-natal pandemic 2020! She totally knows her stuff and has taught me how to work on my technique which I can now take on for the future!"


"Nicki has been amazing at helping my mum body get back to feeling strong and with so much more energy. Her workouts are varied and make really great use of our limited space at home – and she copes with the small children who try and gate crash them very well! Highly recommended!"


"Before seeing Nicki I did zero exercise. My reason for working with her was to build up my strength to be able to both mentally and physically deal with sleep deprivation (my baby girl wasn’t a good sleeper). Not only did it help with that, her training helped me smash my first 10K run and now I am plan to do a half marathon. Thank you Nicki for being such an amazing Pt."