Online packages


Do you want the perks of being made accountable with a trainer but don't have the time or the money to be able to commit to weekly 1:1 PT sessions? Are you motivated and driven but just need some help with programming and achieving your goals? Then online coaching is for you.

Perhaps you're looking to run your first half marathon, get back into training after an injury or a just want a boost and some help and support to get you stronger and fitter. 


We'll start with a health, wellness and fitness evaluation which is either via phone or FaceTime. Once we have completed this and agreed on which package is right for you, i'll send your first workout plan for you to complete at home. We'll schedule follow up sessions to check in and see how you are progressing and discuss any issues you are experiencing and adapt your future workouts as necessary. 


Lite/ Maintenance

1 x PT a month

1 x weekly workout program

£65 a month


1 x PT session a month

2 x weekly workout program

£75 a month


1 x PT a month

3 x weekly workout program

£95 a month

Pre/post natal

Once a month PT session

Access to weekly classes

Weekly workout program

£70 a month

Progamming only

One off programme £50


4 week programme with

x 1 workout a week £50

x 2 workouts a week £60

x 3 workouts a week £70

x 4 workouts a week £80